PS701101-EPI: Proscend Industriual PoE Ethernet Extender Pair

PS101EPI + PS701EPI: Proscend Industriual PoE Ethernet Extender Pair

The 701EPI (master) and 101EPI (remote) Long Reach Ethernet Extenders provide a pair of plug n play solution for carrying Ethernet traffic and power over Ethernet cables up to 800 meters.

To make installation easy, the 701EPI and 701CPI are designed to locate at Ethernet network sides and connect to the companion 101EPI and 101CPI, respectively. Without the needs of redundant long distance power cabling, the 101EPI/101CPI receive the power from the 701EPI/7 01CPI and offer 802.3at Power over Ethernet for the remote devices such as IP cameras, WiFi hotspot APs, IoT controllers/clients, and more.

With the intelligence of built in LFPT (Link Fault Pass Through) function in each device, the network administrator is enabled to monitor the link status easily, or tur n on and off an IP camera remotely from the control center for eliminating the maintenance time and costs.


  • Ethernet over UTP cable up to 800 meters
  • Data/power over coaxial cable up to 1000 meters
  • Eliminate long distance power cabling
  • Industrial design for harsh environments
  • 6KV surge protection
  • EN50121 4 compliant for Railway trackside (701EPI, 101EPI)
  • Plug n Play simple installation
  • Remote link monitoring and power on/off IP camera 

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PS701101-EPI: Proscend Industriual PoE Ethernet Extender Pair

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