#MikroTikMonday - only at DuxTel

Don't like Mondays?  Brighten up the first weekday with #MikroTikMonday - spread the love and be in the running to take out some free stuff including MikroTik Routers and other goodies :-)

Starting next week, we declare that each in Monday in March is #MikroTikMonday! (NOW who doesn't like Mondays?! ;)

Here\'s how it works - Each week, we\'ll announce the prizes to be awarded on the following Monday via our social media feeds, Twitter (http://twitter.com/duxtel) and our Facebook Page (http://fb.com/duxtel)

To be eligible to participate, you only need:

  1. a registered Twitter or Facebook account, and
  2. an AUSTRALIAN MAILING ADDRESS (or and address in one of: Australian mailnland of soverign islands, New Zealand, PNG, or one of the Pacific Island Nations)

Here\'s how to enter the draw:

- "Like" the Duxtel Facebook Page (for entry to the Facebook draw) and "Follow" the Duxtel Twitter account (for entry to the Twitter draw)
- Interact with the #MikroTikMonday posts to go into the running for the next prize draw; the more interactions, the greater your chances:

Retweet = 1 Entry
Favourite the tweet = 1 Entry
Like the post = 1 Entry
Share the post = 1 Entry

More entries means more chances to take out a prize!

We\'ll announce the winners by Twitter and Facebook post each week, and invite the recipients to contact us offline to claim their prizes.  At the same time, we\'ll announce the next #MikroTikMonday for a total of 4 weeks, or until all Goodies have been claimed!

Here's the current prize pool:

Week 1: mAP-Lite, Duxtel mug and Pen (x2)
Week 2: hAP- ac Lite, Duxtel mug and Pen (x2)
Week 3: hAP-2nD, Duxtel mug and Pen (x2)
Week 4: RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN, Duxtel mug and Pen & CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD-IN, Duxtel mug and Pen

Like our Facebook page and/or follow our tweets today to get ready for #MikroTikMonday! :-D