Proscend 180-T VDSL modem on NBN Services - UPDATE 11 June 2021

NOTE: Please refer to the LATEST ADVICE relating to this issue.

For further information regarding this issue, please refer to our original product advisory notice issued on 12th May.

Despite working tirelessly on obtaining a workable solution to this issue, we do not yet have a general solution ready for release.

Further information that we can offer right now is as follows:

  • we have a single sample module with upgrade firmware - that module appears to sync OK on the current FTTN DSLAM profile
  • the upgrade firmware appears to work OK on the current FTTN VDSL network configuration
  • we have as yet been unable to test the upgrade firmware on the proposed new FTTN network configuration*
  • we expect to receive a further batch (less than 50 units) around middle of this month
  • there are challenges to testing against the new network
  • we /expect/ that it will work with the new network settings but can't be certain
  • we don't have an upgrade process because the manufacturer provided upgrade software will only work on a Windows 7 PC and it is not possible to build a new Windows7 system with all necessary service packs and patches since that OS version is no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • we expect to have an upgrade tool ported to windows 10 process ready before the end of this month.
  • we will offer the upgrade capability to partners/resellers on license - the upgrade process is unlikely to be possible to apply in-situ, and so some down-time will be required for the firmware update to be applied
  • we will offer a direct return-to-base upgrade service where requested/required
  • we encourage all customers to wait until after the NBNCo upgrade to purchase further units for use on FTTN services
  • we encourage users to consider contingency options (e.g. use prepare to use a bridged modem as an interim)

* The reason that we have been unable to test the upgrade firmware against the new FTTN VDSL configuration is because at this time, no such service exists outside of the NBNCo test labs, and those test labs are not available to anyone outside of NBNCo.  Furthermore, NBNCo provide no official channel for hardware vendors to request or access testing facilities.  Officially, NBNCo will only respond to requests by current registered RSPs and therefore we continue to welcome contact from and representatives of registered RSPs who are willing to assist with the test process.

We invite interested parties to request one of the upgrade firmware samples expected to arrive next week with process and conditions as follows:

  1. Requests to or via the online web form including description of proposed network to test (FTTN, FTTB, non-NBN VDSL,..) and total number of current deployed units in the field.
  2. Agree to conduct tests immediately on receipt of sample, and return the original unit, or the test sampe unit if testing fails by reply-paid post as soon as testing is completed

As we expect to receive many more requests than the number immediate samples available, we can not guarantee that all requests can be granted.  We will therefore select recipients of upgrade samples in order to maximise the range and variety of test cases possible, and will publish test results publicly as they become available.

Once we have the local upgrade solution operational, we aim to continue the test program as necessary.

Since all attempts to comminicate with NBNCo have failed to result in any official acknowledgement or concession to date (and we have had many threads of conversation so far), there is no way for us to guarantee that all required testing will be complete before the proposed VDSL updates are implemented.  Therefore, we encourage all current users of PS180-T to consider contingency planning to avoid extended service outages if necessary.

We will continue to publish updates here as further information becomes available.

We welcome any further questions, comments, suggestions and requests via our usual communication channels.

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