Proscend 180-T VDSL modem on NBN Services - UPDATE 21 June 2021

For further information regarding this issue, please refer to our original product advisory notice issued on 12th May, and subsequent update on 11th June 2021.

We are delighted to advice that the cadidate upgrade firmware prepared to address the upcoming issue related to NBNCo FTTn/b VDSL profile update has now been tested against both existing and proposed new profiles and found to gain and hold sync effectively.

With the upgrade firmware installed, PS180-T will continue to operate with exactly the same performance and stability after the NBN VDSL update slated to roll out in future.

Furthermore, after liaision with several NBNCo representatives and some currently registered RSP partners, we can offer some indication of the expected update timeline.  We understand that:

  • NBNCo will roll out the new VDSL profile configuration across all relevant services on 1st July 2021
  • Any services that do not sync immediately after the update will be automatoically rolled back to the original profile until 1st September
  • On 1st September 2021, all services will be upgraded to the new profile regardless

From today, we are offering FREE FIRMWARE UPGRADE of all PS180-T modules that are covered under the standard warranty that are received at our office on or before Wednesday 1st September 2021.  Modules received under warranty will be upgraded to the latest firmware and returned to you at our cost.  To request firmware update under warranty, start RMA process here: be sure to include "Warranty Firmware Uprade" in the submission text.

If you have multiple units of PS180-T in production, we are offering a limited number of exchange units with upgrade firmware pre-installed.  If you can commit to exchanging received devices and lodging the exchanged units by reply paid post within 48 hours of receipt of the exchange modems, you may apply for this program.  We are unable to guarantee the time-frame for supply of exchange units or number of units available, but expect that supply is likely to be delivered within 3 weeks of request.  To apply for the excahneg program, please submit serial numbers of all nominated devices under warranty: be sure to include "Upgrade firmware xchange program" in the submission text.

If you have devices that are no longer covered by the standard 12 months warranty, you may still seek firmware upgrade by returning units to us for upgrade and then agree to pay the return freight costs:
Request non-warranty firmware update here: click the link on the left - be sure to include device serial numbers for our reference!
If you would like to seek access to a firmware upgrade solution that you can conduct upgrade process yourself, we are able to offer 
Seek access to upgrade solution: be sure to review the default submission text, and include all default text - you may append additional comments if required.
We wish to acknowledge the support and assistance offered and provided by those NBNCo representatives, registered RSP partners and our valued clients and partners without whos efforts we would not have been able to reach this position as quickly, if ever!

Further comments, questions or feedback are welcome as usual!