Which is better: CCR2004 with 4 cores @ 1.7GHz, or CCR1009 with

Q: Probably more purely an academic question for the company’s I am supporting nowadays but

Is there any real world scenario where the older Mips 9core @ 1.2Ghz CCR1009 is better than the newer ARM 4 core 1.7GHz in the CCR2004

In my old job we had 8 of the CCR1009’s around the world acting at the backbone for hundreds of vpns, web server and remote users and they never missed a beat so I am a long term fan but times change and things get better…

So I go the new CCR2004 or stick with the older CCR1009 for clients changing over to the mikrotik world?


A: ‘horses for courses’ :-D – the choice is whether you need higher CPU count or higher single-core capacity.

An example of the latter is in processing of routing tables (e,g when there are multiple BGP peers with large routing tables shared between each).  Since routing table update is a single threaded process, faster single-core cpu is important, thus the logical choice would be CCR2004.

If you have lots of traffic queues (e.g. large number of ppp with traffic shaping) then each traffic ‘connection/session’ queue is processed by a cpu thread, and therefore more cpu count means that you can process more threads simultaneously – therefor the logical choice would be the CCR1009.

Make sense?

Further questions, comments and feedback are most welcome!