Community Internet Service/HotSpot

Q: We have a small Community/Tourist radio station in Rural NSW and we are contemplating setting up our own wireless broadband internet hotspot,so that tourists and visitors into town have the facilities of being able to use the internet without having to search for the appopriate setup.
Can you assist with the necessary equipment that would be required to set up.

Sure, our DuxTel Internet Commander solution may be the ideal solution for you.  Click here for a brochure that explains some basic information about the service for your review.

To use the system, you need a broadband internet service, any PC with a web browser and a Duxmaster Gateway Appliance.  The Duxmaster appliance can be purchased from our online store (

An outdoor version of the DuxMaster gateway is also available, if wider area coverage is required.  To extend coverage beyond the base station network boundaries, or to 'fill in' 'dead spots' in your wireless coverage, the DuxBooster appliance is the ideal partner for this purpose.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.