Public Access WiFi solution for Caravan Park

Q: I have been requested to repair a Internet wireless hotspot in a caravan park covering approximately 10 hectres. The reception/ park centre is at one corner of the park. Existing system is trying to use one high gain antenna on the reception building to cover the whole area. The existing system is provided as a free service.
I wish to install multiple access points (probably diversity reception), each individually linked back to the main office. ( I feel that, to daisy chain repeaters will compromise performance.)
What would you recommend?

For a caravan park environment, we recommend the DuxMaster outdoor hotspot gateway (, and DuxBooster outdoor unit ( for network extension.


You may prefer to create a public access system that is ‘free’ to guests, but most park operators soon discover that the hidden costs of providing a ‘free’ service far outweigh the benefits: Technical support time, internet download fees, hardware management and maintenance, access to network by neighbors and passers-by, and so on.


The DuxMaster HotSpot Gateway is a ready to deploy appliance that uses our proprietry access control and ticketing system that allows you to set your own access plans and prices.  You are free to set your own pricing (even free if you want to) and set your own time and download limitations to each access ‘ticket’ created.  We even provide an online Credit Card  Payment system out-of-the-box (no need to even set up your own merchant account) for a truly ‘hands-free’ HotSpot system.


If you prefer to run a truly open wireless network, and generate no revenue to cover the costs of provision, you can use some generic wireless systems.  Mikrotik are an excellent choice for this sort of setup.


For the gateway device, we recommend the RB/433 ( plus the EMP8602+s wireless card (, and for the network range booster devices, we recommend the RB/CRD crossroads board ( featuring its own built-in miniPCI radio.


With suitable antennae, outdoor enclosures, power supplies and PoE systems from the DuxTel Shop, you can build a wireless network that covers every square meter of your site for generally less than $1000.


Where is your park?  We may have a reseller in your area who can assist, or if you work with a preferred IT supplier, or if you are such a supplier youyrself you may be interested in becoming a DuxTel HotSpot services reseller  yourself?

 If you have any questionsor need further clarification, feel free to ask!