Mikrotik User Manager

Q: Hi,

I bought a mikrotik licence directly and in now my account in mikrotik is not active now i want to add user manager i do not know what to do,

thanks for your help.



The following steps will work for any device, including a PC with RouterOS license.


Go to http://www.mikrotik.com/download.html, select your system type and download the “all packages” file to your local PC.


Extract the “user-manager.npk” file from the package, and then drag and drop into the ‘files’ window in Winbox, making sure that the file appears in the filesystem root in the Winbox files display.


Reboot the router, then look at System->Packages in Winbox.  If the user-manager package is not enabled, enable and then reboot again to activate the User Manager system.


Refer to the official documentation for further help on Mikrotik User Manager (MUM) at http://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/User_Manager


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If you have any further questions or ned additional advice, feel free to ask!