Access Geolocation data from MC8795 GPS

This is how you configure the RouterBoard (RB411U/RB411UHR) to get GPS data through MC87xx modems.

To enable GPS on RouterBoard through USB port, you need to configure the router as described below:

/system gps set enable=yes port=port channel=channel



/system gps set enable=yes port=usb2 channel=2

Where channel=2 is NMEA channel assigned for GPS data.

The data received from GPS channel can be accessed with following command:

system gps monitor


you will also be required to enable GPS on MC8795V that can be done with following AT command


Other useful AT commands regarding GPS on MC87xx modems



AT!GPSFIX=<fixType>, <maxTime>, <maxDist>


<fixType> (Type of fix to establish):

• 1 = Standalone (not supported by a mobile station)

• 2 = MS-based only

• 3 = MS-assisted only


<maxTime> (Maximum time to wait for a position fix):

• Valid range: 0–255 seconds


<maxDist> (Requested accuracy of fix):

• Entered in decimal format

• Valid range: 0–0xFFFFFFEFmeters

• 0xFFFFFFF0: No preference



AT!GPSFIX=1, 15, 10 requests a standalone position fix to 10 meters accuracy. The

request will fail (timeout) if the modem cannot determine a position fix within 15


I have attached the script that can be used to send GPS data from RouterBoard to an email address. I downloaded this script from here

you can refer to this link for more information (i-e how this script will work)

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Technical Sales Engineer

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