RB/1200 boot fail

Note that some units of RB/1200 running boot loader prior to 2.35.2 may not recover from a system reboot.

To determine whether your router is affected, simply execute system reboot command from shell up to 15 times.  After some number of between 1 and 15 reboot cycles, the system will fail to return to normal operational state.

To check the boot-loader version, exectute system routerboard print command:

[admin@DuxTel] > system routerboard print, or select system routerboard from the winbox menu:

If you have an affected system, you should upgrade the firmware as soon as possible.  To upgrade:

  • download the updated firmware from here
  • drag the file amcc460_2_35_2.fwf into the files container in winbox
  • click Upgrade button on the system routerboard panel (see above)
  • reboot router

New firmware will also be packaged with routerOS package from version 5.5

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