Order Shipping and Supply Policy

Order processing and Dispatch Policy:

If we receive an order but are unable to supply all items, we apply one of three standard actions:


1) Split Order:

At the discreation of the customer, we are able to move unavailable items to a new order, allowing immediate supply of those items on hand at the time of order receipt.  Pricing (including volume price break) will be preserved at all times - i.e. the unit prices shown on the original order will be the same as the unit prices on all resulting orders.

In this case, shipping costs will be re-calculated based on order contents and amounts paid on the original order redistributed.  In most cases, this change will incur some additional shipping cost.

The new order is then treated the same way as any other current order.


2) Part Ship:

In this case, we will immediately ship all available components and place the remaining items on back-order.

As the remaining product arrives, we will hold those items until we can complete the order in full with a second shipment (at our cost)

When back-ordered items arrive, we will advise the customer of availability, and updated advice as to expected delay for the remainder of the order.

We will offer regular advice on available stock and delivery expectations, and Split Order option remains available at the discretion of the customer.


3) Hold Order (Awaiting Stock):

In this case, we will reserve items required to fill the order, and await availability of all items prior to dispatch of the entire order complete.

In some cases, reserved items may be made available to fill other orders if doing so will not cause additional delay to the order on hold.

For example: an order requires 10 units of product X and 10 units of product Y.  We have product X in stock, but only 5 units of product Y.  Our next shipment of product Y also includes some of product X.  We may release the reserved items (10 X and 5 Y) to other orders if there is sufficient quantity of X and Y due to arrive in the expected consignment.

We will provide regular advice on available stock and delivery expectations, and Split Order option remains available at the discretion of the customer. 


Default Actions:

Default actions depend on customer account type:


1) paid in full, in advance

When an order is paid in full in advance, the default action is to Part Ship

At the discretion of the customer, we are able to Split Order, or Hold Order


2) trade account.

In this case, the default action is Hold Order

At the discretion of the customer we can also Split Order

Where the customer agrees to accept the current invoice in full and settle according to the terms of the account based on the date of invoice issue, the customer may also opt for Part Ship action


If you have any questions, feedback or request for clarification, please contact us!