Stock Availability and Expected Consignment Information

We now offer stock availability detail with every product listed in the online catalog.  The amount of detail is different for anonymous vs. logged-on access:

Anonymous info:

When browsing products anonymously, there are three possible states displayed:

In Stock Now:
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 1.  Product is in stock:

When this state is displayed, 1 or more units of the selected product is available for immediate shipping.


No Stock Alert:
Next stock due to arrive on 14 October
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2.  No Stock Alert - consignment expected soon: 

Although there is no stock at this time, there are 1 or more consignments on order from the manufacturer that are expected to arrive on or around the date shown.  Note that these dates are EXPECTED arrival, and may undergo revisions from time to time due to changes in maufacturer production schedules and/or shipping transit delays. 

No Stock Alert:
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3.  No Stock Alert - no consignments expected currently:

In this case, inventory shows no units of this product are available for immdiate shipping, and there are no consignments in the delivery pipeline.  Please contact us for further information about these items.

Logged-in info:

When logged in to your account, additional inventory and availability information is displayed:

A: Stock Alert:

This info will appear when stock is low or not currently available:

No Stock Alert: means that there are no units available to ship at this time.

Low Stock Alert: means that the number of available units is at or near a level that we expect is likley to run out before the next consignment arrives.

B: Current Inventory Quantity on-hand:

This info is presented in three parts:

i) Current Stock Level - displays the number of units that our online inventory indicates is available.

ii) Quantity reserved - displays the number of items that have already been allocated to customer orders but not yet shipped.  Orders may not yet be shipped because we are waiting for confirmation from customer, or waiting for other products to arrive to fill the order.  In these cases, allocated stock may be available to fill other orders.

iii) Current order demand - displays the number of units required to fill all current orders, that do not yet have product allocated, and not yet shipped. 

Note that inventory is decremented at the time of allocation - therefore arriving stock will be used to first full the "current customer orders" quantity before becoming available to new orders.

C: Expected Consignment Info:

Where available, this section lists all vendor orders currently awaiting arrival to our warehouse store.  Note that the dates shown are EXPECTED arrival, and may undergo revisions from time to time due to changes in maufacturer production schedules and/or shipping transit delays.  Actual arrival may be earlier or later than shown, and are revised on a day to day basis as expectations change.  The quantity column shows the number of units of this product are expected to arrive in the particular consignment.

How to estimate delivery time:

The information provided should be used a guide only.  Although we take care to keep online inventory numbers as accurate as possible, there are several reasons why the on-hand quantity may differ from inventory number.

Nonetheless, if your order requirement is less than or equal to the the current inventory quantity minus current orders, then you can expect that your order will ship within 24 hours of confirmation.  In many cases, we are able to ship orders that same day they are received, and often arrive at the destination the following morning.

When your requirement is greater than the inventory number presented, we can process you rorder by shipping available stock immediately, and then follow with the balanceof your order from the next consignment due.  In this case, you can use the Consignments Expected information to estimate the likley delay before stock becomes available to ship.

Please refer to our Product Availability and Supply Policy for further details about part-ship options in these cases.

If the inventory quantity displayed is less than zero, this indicates that there are already open orders by other customers waiting on stock to arrive.  In this case, the next consignment products to arrive will be reserved for those other orders.  You can still use the information provided to make an assessment of the likely delivery delay.

Using the example above, inventory shows that stock on hand is 0 units, and current order demand is 14 units.  The next consignment expected, on March, contains only 10 units and therefore we expect that ALL of that consignment will be used to fill other orders, with a further 4 units required from the subsequent consignment required to fill all back-orders.

Therefore, in the example above, an order submitted at that time would be filled out of the consignment expected to arrive on March 28.

Assembly Products:

Some products included in the online catalogue like our popular DuxLink point to point systems and DuxCell mobile routers are made up from multiple individual stock items.  In these cases, inventory quantity displayed is taken as the number of pieces of that product with the lowest inventory quantity recorded.

In the case where one or more of those components are low or out of stock, it is difficult to present Consignment Expected information due to the complex nature of that calculation.  To get an indication of eta for these cases, you can either check the stock availability detail for each component item, or simply contact us to request further information!

We hope that youy find these advanced stock information features are useful to you - all feedback, suggestions and/or crticisms are always very welcome!