RouterOS API with .NET Micro Framework for Netduino

Recently received the cool contribution from Steve of Valve Networks - re-published with permission.  Thanks Steve! :-)

Download the sample source here.

Hi Mike,

I’ve written code and adapted an example on the MikroTik site for API connectivity using a Netduino Plus and attached the code.

It is using the .NET Micro Framework 4.2

I have done this for our ski resort laundry room to notify us when the industrial washers and dryers have finished their cycles and it is set up as follows:

The Netduino Plus is connected to:

RB751 via USB for its power

RB751 via CAT5e cable for its network

The 14 digital IO ports are set to run a script on the MikroTik when they are shorted…The scripts named according to the digital IO port number used.

Hope it all make sense and hope it might be useful to someone else J

Steve Sugden


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