Relating to effects of and reaction to COVID-19 pandemic

Information updated Tuesday 5th May 2020

These are certainly trying times, with unprecedented effects on us all.  This article offers some important information about how we are reacting to the daily challenges to minimise impact to you and your business.

 From DuxTel perspective, there are three main effects of the COVID-19 pandemic:

supply: availability of new stocks to maintain inventory
- demand: customer demand on our products
- health and safety: of our team members, their families, and the wider community

Dealing with those issues individually:

1. Supply:

Almost all China manufacturing operations have been back to full production for most of April now, and vendor order procesing times have reduced remarkably.  MikroTik in particular have boosted production in both Europe and China, and increased warehouse staffing to work through the backlog, making significant improvements in order processing delays.

Consignment transit times, however, have been worsening as customs and quarantine procedures imposed on all ports of entry as well as intermediary ports of transit have caused significant 'traffic jams' in all transit locations.  Quarantine delays imposed on Australian sea ports continue to cause extra delays for surface freight.

Significant shotdown in international airline operations have also added up to 2 weeks to normal air freight transit times since most air freight couriers have traditionally relied on commercial airline capacity for international movements.

Some products continue to experience long delays, but these delays are mostly related to component or materials availability issues and/or production machinery failures or breakdown. 

2. Demand:

Product demand continues to be strong, but has settled down from a significant spike to what we would consider more normal volumes.  Therefore, available inventory for most products has returned to normal, with most products now available for immediate dispatch.

Remember that you can always check on current inventory levels as well as expected arrivals for any product by checking the product information page after you are logged on to your account via

Note that inventory numbers are updated in real time, and expected consignment info is updated at least daily - if you require any additional detail or clarification, you are welcome to contact us to discuss at any time!

3. Health and Safety:

We hold the health and safety of our valued team members with absolute highest priority!

We also fully understand that we must also be mindful of the health and safety of the wider community, and that minimising risk of virus transmission between immediate social circles is the primary objective of recent restrictions on places social gathering.

With this in mind, all of us at DuxTel are committed to strictly observing all current social distancing and isolation measures as stipulated by the various local, state and federal authorities, and commit to following any new advice as that may be released.

All of our crew based at our Geelong office have the ability to work from home should the need arise, and you can still always be certain that someone will be available to help if and when you need us! :-)

All staff will continue to work from home where the opportunity exists, and we have been keeping to a maximum of three people present at the office at any one time to ensure effective physical distancing.  Visitors are encouraged to keep visits to an absolute minimum, and come to our office and warehouse only when a need arises (such as urgent requirement to access goods).  We do ask, respectfully of course, that if you are feeling unwell, or if you have recently travelled internationally, or been in close contact with someone who is unwell or has recently travelled, that you avoid visiting our office.  In all cases, if your requirement for a visit is urgent, please do advise us prior to your arrival, and keep respectful social distance while on site.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time about how COVID-19 might affect us or your dealings with us, you are very welcome to contact us directly to discuss in detail.

We are ready to address your questions and do our best to meet your requirements at all times, throughout these trying times and beyond.  We are confident that we will find a way through these challenges, and look forward to continuing to work with you and your teams beyond and into the future!

From all of us at DuxTel, we wish you, your colleagues and your family all the best outcome possible - stay safe and stay well!

Let's all do our part to FLATTEN THAT CURVE! :-)

Mike Everest.
Managing Director
DuxTel Pty Ltd