Array Sector 5-20

AS-5-20: 5 GHz Array Sector Antenna with Carrier Class Performance

Balanced Antenna Systems for MIMO Performance

Unlike most competitors, RF Elements sector antennas are optimized for balanced performance in the H and V plane. This balance in both radiation pattern and gain means that Carrier Class sectors excel in MIMO performance are offer stable and consistent throughput for clients at the edges of the coverage area.

Light & Compact

The antenna body and brackets are made of aluminium. Antennas are compact and light, a class ahead of their competitors, and this makes installation faster and easier.

Backshield™ for cluster deployments

Frequency selective reflectors are integrated into the antenna structure to attenuate side lobes and back side near-field radiation. Backshield™ significantly improves co-location ability in cluster sector deployments.

Cost Effective Do not pay extra for RF shields and save on tower rental and shipping fees.

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Array Sector 5-20

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