DXL-SCR: DuxLink Duo and DuxBridge Configuration Script

  • DXL-SCR: DuxLink Duo and DuxBridge Configuration Script

Downloadable Configuration Files

Make your own DuxLink Duo Kits, repair a corrupted set, or use these scripts as a basis to create your own Point to Point Link appliance.

DuxLink Duo Configuration is designed for but not limited to SXT kits, Disc, LHG, Dynadish and the QRT.

The DuxLink Duo configuration implements a true transparent point to point bridge using MikroTik ethernet-over-IP technology so that more sensitive layer 2 packets will go over the wireless link without an issue.

The Duxbridge configuration allows for a simpler configuration by adding the wireless interface and Ethernet port to the bridge, this configuration will allow layer 2 traffic through the link but instead of being transparent it will host a translation table at either side of the links for the MAC addresses behind the radios.


Both configurations will create a 802.11n 40MHz channel MIMO link, that is capable of delivering in excess of 200 megabits of UDP throughput(Please note that speeds will be dependent on the highest protocol supported by the radio please see the link following link for your estimated speeds ). To download the files, simply add the FREE PRODUCT to your shopping cart, then proceed through the checkout process. When checkout is complete, you will be presented with a link to download the file(s) - you will also be able to download files from your My Account profile page for up to 1 week from the checkout date.

The download package contains:

- A-End and B-End configuration scripts

- DuxLink Configuration Guide Document


For more information about how to use these configuration files, please review the following article,

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DXL-SCR: DuxLink Duo and DuxBridge Configuration Script

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