DDLC-SCR: DuxMate Duplex Link Controller

  • DDLC-SCR: DuxMate Duplex Link Controller

Downloadable Configuration Files

Make your own DuxMate duplex link controllers, repair a corrupted set, or use these scripts as a basis to create your own long-haul bridge controller appliance.

The DuxMate configuration is designed to utilise two independent point to point links (for example DuxLink Duo wireless bridge) as a fault tolerant dual bridge.


The DuxMate configurations are designed for 5 port routerBoard models such as RB750, 750GL, 450,and 450G.  Other routerBoard models may also be supported with some minor modifications to the configuration scripts.   

The intended deployment is to connect ether1 to the LAN at each end.  Connect ether 5 on the A-end to ether5 of the B-end.  Connect ether4 on the A-end to ether4 on the B-end.

Connecting the two devices in this way delivers the following functionality:

Data transmitted from the A end to the B end will traverse the ether5 link, while return data
transmitted from B to A will traverse the ether4 link.

In the event of failure of either ether4 or ether5 link, the failed path will automatically transfer to the remaining active link.

The end result is a pseudo full duplex effect.  Due to the nature of TCP connections, wireless links will still work with typical througput of approximately 0.5 maximum data rate due to ack packet replies across the wireless link.

Although this configuration model is designed for wireless link pairs, technically any kind of link pair can be utilised, including dsl, fiber, optical and so forth so long as the point to point implementation results with a transparent bridge between the two DuxMate routers.

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The download package contains:

  • DuxMateA configuration script
  • DuxMateB configuration script
  • DuxMate setup guide

For more information about how to use these configuration files, please review this article.

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DDLC-SCR: DuxMate Duplex Link Controller

  • Brand: DuxTel
  • Product Code: DDLC-SCR