DXLK-PM: B5x pair with your Perfect Match antenna

  • DXLK-PM: B5x pair with your Perfect Match antenna

Introducing the Perfect Match - B5x modular 4x4 backhual radio paired with the noise rejecting UltraHorn from RF Elements

Kit includes:

2 x Mimosa B5x Module Radio
2 x TPA-AMU twist-port adapter
2 x UH-TP-5-24 UltraHorn Antenna

NOTE: Power supplies not included - use your own PoE solution, or choose one of the provided options below.

Why UltraHorn

  • The innovative noise rejecting design of RF Elements UltraHornTM offers improved link performance due to the unique absence of side and back lobe characteristics in the beam pattern compared to alternative parabolic dish and panel antenna designs typical of alternative manufacturer designs.
  • The incuded TPA-AMU adapter allows you to switch between H+V or dual slant 45° configuration for the optimal result regardless of environmental conditions.
  • The unique Twist-Port system by RF Elements makes for a versatile backhaul solution that is easy to install, upgrade, and maintain.

Why B5x

 2 individual channels able to operate on non-contiguous frequencies means flexibility in use of available spectrum

4x4 MIMO capability with encoding up to 256 QAM delivers up to 1.5Gbps actual IP payload data rate

Active scan monitors and logs ongoing RF interference for dynamic auto-optimisation of channel and bandwidth use

B5x delers one of the highest capacity, zero-fee license, fastest point-to-point solutions available

Horses for Courses

The unique waveguide connector of B5x offers unbridled flexibility to choose the optimal antenna for the specific application - choose the smaller and lower cost antenna for shorter links and also gain advantage of reduced background noise detection!

 Select your opions below to create the Perfect Match for your backhaul application!

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DXLK-PM: B5x pair with your Perfect Match antenna

  • Brand: DuxTel
  • Product Code: DXLK-PM

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