MimosaB5: 5GHz 1.5Gbps backhaul radio with 25 dBi antenna

  • MimosaB5: 5GHz 1.5Gbps backhaul radio with 25 dBi antenna

Gigabit Backhaul Made Easy

The Mimosa B5 backhaul is the easiest to deploy and highest capacity class-licensed 5 GHz backhaul solution for short and mid-range point-to-point link applications.

The Mimosa B5 backhaul radio is hands down the easiest to use and highest capacity class-licensed spectrum 5 GHz backhaul solution for short and mid-range link applications. Ideal for collocation applications, relay sites, campus, council and building-to-building settings.

Incredibly Fast. Incredibly Flexible.

Recognized as the fastest unlicensed backhaul in the industry. Extensive bandwidth control options, low latency, reserved bandwidth and GPS sync mode mean peak performance.

Monitor with Ease
Assessing link health and identifying potential problems has never been easier. Links are instantly monitored by our Mimosa Cloud service with rich data collection and analysis.

Ultra Rugged
Carrier-grade IP67 design allows the B5 to withstand the harshest of Australian environmental conditions.

Just Mount and Go
The integrated high gain antenna and super easy quick mount lets you install in minutes, and accurately aim the B5 using the Mimosa smartphone aiming tool.

Easily Add New Links
Spectrum friendly. Unique high precision GPS Sync technology reuses the same channel network wide. Keep adding more capacity to more sites and waste less spectrum.

Double Reliability
Tames class-licensed spectrum interference via custom engineered multi-channel and auto-everything technology. As good as two smart links in one radio 

Product specifications and features
Max Throughput  Up to 1.5 Gbps IP aggregate UL/DL (1.7 Gbps PHY)
Low Latency  Configurable to 5ms+
Wireless Protocols  TDMA, TDMA-FD, AUTO TDMA
MIMO & Modulation  4x4:4 MIMO OFDM up to 256QAM
Bandwidth  Single or Dual 20/40/80 MHz channels
Frequency Range  5150-5875 MHz
Antenna Gain  25 dBi
Beamwidth ( 3dB )  8° ( HPOL and VPOL )
Elevation Adjust  ± 20° mechanical adjust
Front-to-Back Ratio  >30 dB
Max Power Consumption  20W
System Power Method  48 V DC 802.3 at compliant power injectors
Lightning & ESD Protection  6 kV

 Diameter: 442 mm
 Depth: 362 mm with bracket
 Weight: 4.9 kg with bracket
 Carton Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 25 cm
 Volumetric Weight (for shipping and freight): 14.5kg


 Single enclosure with radome
 Painted steel bracket plate

Wind Survivability  200 km/h
Wind Loading  39 kg @ 160 km/h
Mounting  Pole mounting kit included
 for 30mm to 90mm (3.54") OD pipes
Outdoor Ingress Rating  IP67
Operating Environment  Temperature: -40°C to +55°C
 Humidity: 5 to 100% condensing
 Altitude: 4420 m (14500') maximum
CPU  Temperature: -40°C to +55°C
 Humidity: 5 to 100% condensing
 Altitude: 4420 m (14500') maximum
 Shock & Vibration: ETS 300-019-2-4 class 4M5
Ethernet Port  10/100/1000-BASE-T
Wireless  2 independent dual-stream radios
 operating on non-contiguous frequencies
 Automatic load balancing of traffic across 4 total MIMO
 streams with individual stream encoding up to 256 QAM

 Mimosa B5 datasheet

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MimosaB5: 5GHz 1.5Gbps backhaul radio with 25 dBi antenna

  • Brand: Mimosa
  • Product Code: MimosaB5

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